Coffee FAQ

What beans do you use?
High quality, ethically sourced Arabica coffee from growers who know what they are doing. We closely work with the best importers to ensure you have delicious coffee that we roast consistently throughout the year. From Brazil to Indonesia, our offering comes from all over the world. We have strong environmental practises and work hard to do their best for the world and the people in it.
How are your beans roasted?
Every coffee roaster that you speak to will probably have their preferred way of how to roast coffee. We have various styles actually and it really depends on what we are looking for in a coffee. You can roast short and powerful or slow and long. How you roast coffee has a big impact on the final flavour of the coffee. Our exact specific profiles and methods are our trade secrets but here we try to explain in a little detail what we do all day everyday at our roastery.
When we roast coffee, we place green coffee beans into our coffee roasting machine. The beans come from the trolley which has built-in scales and are sucked by vacuum into the hopper of the roaster. Our coffee roaster heats the coffee with air. The beans are moved around inside the roaster consistently by paddles and a stream of very hot air is passed through the coffee. We have full control over the heat and because the heat is so direct, we can make very quick adjustments to the roast. And this is very special because when compared to a traditional coffee roaster where you have flames heating a drum, our heat is directed straight at the beans.
How fresh is your coffee?
We roast every day during the working week.
What is a Single Origin Coffee?
A Single Origin Coffee is sourced from just one country. The taste may vary slightly due to the time of the year.
What is a Blend?
A Coffee Blend is a careful mix of origins and quantities to give a unique taste. Coffee Blends are more consistent all year round.
How do you post the beans?
The packets are placed in a box and paper tape is used. Parcels under 1.9kg will be dispatched Royal Mail 24H. All heavier parcels will be sent with DPD.

This is a message from our Coffee Roster

We PROUDLY support the World Coffee Research. We think that they are doing a fantastic job working for the sustainability of coffee. The World Coffee Research is a team of very experienced and dedicated people looking to make the world a better place for the coffee tree and coffee farmers. They accept donations via their website.

Our world – lets preserve it!

We are passionate about our world, it is a wonderful place to live! And we strongly believe that any business should try and do their best to ensure the carbon footprint is minimal. We do our best to preserve our environment.

One of our biggest achievements has been the investment of our new roaster Robbyn which uses 80% less gas compared to traditional roasters… now that is amazing!

We also:


Buy renewable energy

Recycle all that we can

Run a 99% paperless office

Use only biodegradable filling for packaging

Encourage our suppliers to cut out plastic as much as possible

Order in bulk to reduce transport cost

Use paper tape instead of plastic tape

Do not use air conditioning but ventilate with fans and windows

Re-use coffee waste

Work with DPD who are a carbon neutral company

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